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Hey! My name is Samantha Parquette, but you can call me Sam.

Hi friends! My name is Samantha, but you can go ahead and call me Sam. I am a Chicago based lifestyle + food photographer ( + always willing to travel to work with new brands outside the Chicago market ). When I am not working I am usually at the farmer's market gathering items to make dinner and pair with some wine, taking a walk, or volunteering at my mom's cat shelter.

I am inspired by little moments and all things natural. I began my photographers journey as a way to help younger women feel more confident in themselves for who they are at the most natural state. Celebrating who you are is super important, and if I can help be part of the process by helping someone feel joy for who they are, I have done my job. Since my journey started, I have evolved my brand to work with lifestyle brands + food as well, yet keeping the theme of natural.

The brands I photograph and write for all have something in common, sustainability. Anything from sustainable fashion to sustainable wine. I am extremely passionate about working with brands that take pride in making something wonderful while also caring for the planet.

— Barrington Hills, IL
Photographer for
— 6 years
Astrology sign
— Taurus
— Advertising & Public Relations
Currently lives
— Chicago
Favorite wine
— A very fermenty, crisp white wine
Favorite dish
— Cacio e Pepe
Favorite dessert
— Blueberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream
Myers-Briggs Type
Musical artist
— Nat King Cole
Morning coffee order
— Cold brew with half and half
Love language
— Quality time
Favorite color
— Purple, specifically lilac
I’d rather be
— on the water
Favorite TV show
— Mad Men
Favorite Film
— Singing in the Rain