Hey! My name is Samantha Parquette, but you can call me Sam.

I’m a Food, Lifestyle, and Travel photographer based out of the wonderful city that is Chicago. I along with being a photographer, I am alumni to Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

This past May, I took an opportunity to go on tour with Outstanding in the Field as their Social Media Manager and Photographer. In the six months I will be on tour, I will attend and document 96 events. I am in charge of capturing the entire tour through photography and social media which includes behind the scenes of tour, event load in, and the event itself. This is an incredibly different setting than I am used to as most of my work is done on the go (in trucks en route to the next location, on-site, or at the nearest coffee shop is a location does not have service) and never at a desk. I took this opportunity to expand my knowledge in the food industry as well as travel cross country working with notable farmers and chefs. Working for Outstanding in the Field and getting out of an office has challenged me more professionally than I had thought possible. If you’d like to hear more about my work with Outstanding in the Field, shoot me an email!

— Barrington Hills, IL
Photographer for
— 6 years
Astrology sign
— Taurus
— Advertising & Public Relations
Currently lives
— on the road for 6 mo.
Favorite wine
— A very fermenty, crisp white wine
Favorite dish
— Cacio e Pepe
Favorite dessert
— Blueberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream
Myers-Briggs Type
Musical artist
— Nat King Cole
Morning coffee order
— Cold brew with half and half
Love language
— Quality time
Favorite color
— Purple, specifically lilac
I’d rather be
— on the water
Favorite TV show
— Mad Men
Favorite Film
— Singing in the Rain